Parkour, an interesting new phenomenon that’s hitting Toronto. My son, flying through the air.

Here’s the rub, though… CBC News was there to document the Parkour movement and a couple of bicycle police came by and started handing out $250.00 tickets to the kids. To kids. That’s a huge amount. For “climbing in a park not meant for climbing” or something like that.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have a lot of respect for the law and the officers who uphold it, and a lot of my friends are cops but I have to say, in this case, give me a break. These kids are running and climbing and enjoying life and doing something healthy and non-criminal. They’re not hurting anyone.

Where do the teenagers play? We have kiddie playgrounds for tots, we have senior centers for the elderly, the 20s-40s can afford to go to gyms etc… where do the teenagers go? They’re thrown out of everywhere. Malls, schoolyards, everywhere is off limits. Now they can’t even enjoy parks. I don’t get the logic.

Why not encourage them doing something healthy and clean instead of penalizing them?

End of rant. 😉

(photo credit goes to Alex Tsiboulski.  Posted by Picasa

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