Today, Richard and I did a walk-through of Boyd Park forest with Deb Schulte in the city of Vaughan. For those who don’t know what’s happening there, I’ll attach a quote from the environmental defence website: “Boyd Park-Pine Valley
This proposed 1.5-km roadway would bisect Boyd Park and an old growth forest, an Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI) to facilitate urban sprawl in Vaughan, one of Canada’s most rapidly expanding suburbs. This will consist of building a 400-metre long bridge four lanes wide within the Pine Valley, which will permanently damage the East Humber River, recently designated a heritage river. Threats to the environment, most of which were identified by the City’s own environmental review, include loss of wildlife, increased pollution, soil erosion, waterbed displacement, salt-spray pollution and forest destruction. At a cost of at least $26 million, the funds could best be used to improve and encourage transit use in Vaughan.”
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