Tommy Thompson Park

Located on the Toronto waterfront, Tommy Thompson Park is a unique urban wilderness, just one more thing that makes Toronto special and more liveable.

The park is located on a man-made peninsula that extends five kilometres into Lake Ontario. The Toronto Harbour Commissioners began construction of the spit in the late 1950s and, since that time, it has been the site for the disposal of dredged material from the Outer Harbour and surplus fill from development sites within Toronto. In other words, it’s a really long construction dump site.

BUT! It’s amazing.. nature has slowly taken over.. with help from the TRCA and now it’s home to almost 300 different species of birds, who either live there or stop over on their migratory routes.

For anyone who reads my blog regularly, you already know how beautiful the park is, especially in midwinter. We never call it Tommy Thompson Park, we always call it “the spit”. So this is one of my favourite spit spots. Posted by Picasa

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