Went to a really great Christmas party today, with loads of old friends and new friends. Mountains of delicious food and good company. Thanks Dave.
I talked my son Drew into standing on the chair and taking this wide angle shot of the table. It was huge!

Here’s something that happened though. While we were all bustling in the door, taking off coats and boots etc I noticed this older man knocking his boots off and rubbing his hands, smiling at everyone. Since there was a chance there might be someone at the party I didn’t know, I just sort of assumed he was with someone else. But then people were looking at me to introduce my friend.

After a bit of “and who are you?” with smiles and outstretched hands we all began to realise that he didn’t belong to anyone at all, (I think the major clue was that he said his name was Kokomo Joe from Mexico) but had just followed the crowd going in the door. No one was rude to him but we nicely escorted him back outside. After about five minutes we started second-guessing our actions. Should we have let him stay? Maybe he was hungry? Was he lost? Did he have dementia? Should we have given him some food?

After what happened to our Min in England I thought that I would be more aware of another person’s confusion. Maybe he really wasn’t confused. I don’t know. Possibly living in the city too long makes you jaded. Posted by Picasa

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