Researching my foot problem. Can’t seem to pin it down precisely. This is the fun part about the internet and Google. You can misdiagnose yourself from morning til night and it doesn’t cost you a penny. The red arrows are where the pain is lurking. Also mucho swelling along top of foot. Any armchair doctors out there? Or someone who plays one on TV? Just kidding, of course. Unless you’re George Clooney. Been to two doctors already and been told it’s tendonitis. But it’s been over a month. Feh. I don’t do well being an invalid. Don’t know how to sit with my foot up on cushions.. get too cranky and bored. Posted by Picasa

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I'm a Toronto photographer specializing in portraits, executive portraits, actor headshots, musician portfolios, CD covers etc. I love shooting horses as well. I feel that photography is not so much about technology and equipment as it is about emotions and capturing the ephemeral. If there's a connection between photographer and subject then the result is something quite special.

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