I was trying to find a shot that gave a better perspective of just how huge these trees are… and I think this one works. That’s Richard and Deb standing in the old grove that’s endangered. Notice there’s hardly any snow and no one looks like they’re freezing. This is because it’s positively balmy here. (well, in Canada that means 4 above the freezing point.) No snow, no mittens? It’s the middle of January! It was 40 below at this time last year.  Posted by Picasa

About Anne de Haas

I'm a Toronto photographer specializing in portraits, executive portraits, actor headshots, musician portfolios, CD covers etc. I love shooting horses as well. I feel that photography is not so much about technology and equipment as it is about emotions and capturing the ephemeral. If there's a connection between photographer and subject then the result is something quite special.

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