family session

I’m going to try to keep the blog current, posting bits and pieces of shoots I’m doing, like back in the old days when I actually had time on my hands!

Had a great time shooting the lovely Ito and her wonderful family last week. Lots of fun outtakes too.

Ward’s Epic Shovel

Ward McBurney

Another chapter of my continuing journey to document my friend Ward’s daily struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Some days I swear he whips its ass.

January storm

They call it an Alberta Clipper, a fast-moving blur of snow that leaves a winter wonderland in its wake.

I love January.

TPMU 2011 Calendar for sale now

The calendar I shot and put together for the Toronto Police Mounted Unit is now available in limited quantity for $10 with every penny going to help defray the costs of the North American Police Equestrian Competition to be held in Toronto this September.


kivaThanks to my friend Chris Johnson at BlueRoots Radio for pointing me at this great site.

4 years of my flickr shots in 4 minutes

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After years of dragging my heels, finally renovating my old website! Thanks to netGuru Marc Fuller it’s been a pretty painless process too, and I’m getting the hang of things, poking around in the background here.  I’m loving the hands-on flexibility and I know it’s going to be worth it in the end. I’ll have a site that’s tweaked exactly like I need and want.  Going to be fine-tuning it over the next few weeks, so check back and let me hear your feedback!

Thanks Marc for all your help.


Just to let everyone know, very exciting news, amazing sculptor Charles Buchanan is sculpting Brigadier. Hoping to be able raise funds so that we can have a life size bronze done and possibly find a home for it at Police Headquarters or Mounted Headquarters, not sure. It would be so amazing to have such a beautiful and permanent tribute to him.

Hello honourable people,

As a sculptor, with a police background, my creations are of people and things equestrian, so I have taken it upon myself to sculpt/model a statuette of deceased Toronto Mounted Police horse, Brigadier. With permission I am using reference photographs by Toronto photographer Anne de Haas, who has been associated with the TMP unit for some years. Brigadier is being modelled in a classical pose, as photographically captured by Anne on the shore of Lake Ontario, the pose being similar to George F. Watts’ colossal statue, ‘Physical Energy’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘horse’.

I would like to keep you all updated on my progress as I ultimately believe that in his memory, the work should be cast in bronze for permanent display.

Yours sincerely

Charles Buchanan

What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service

What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service


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Our new baby. He fell out of his nest last week and while I had made up my mind not to interfere with nature, it was hard to watch him baking in the hot sun and getting dehydrated. David brought him into the house and we fed him all rainy weekend and now he’s getting so strong and perky it’s great. We put him outside all day under the tree in a terrarium with the lid off so his mum can still come and feed him, but all she does is sit there and scold me. We’ll see what happens.