About Anne de Haas

I'm a Toronto photographer specializing in portraits, executive portraits, actor headshots, musician portfolios, CD covers etc. I love shooting horses as well. I feel that photography is not so much about technology and equipment as it is about emotions and capturing the ephemeral. If there's a connection between photographer and subject then the result is something quite special.


  1. I would LOVE to see the photo of; “The 12 Bottles of Beer Christmas Tree”.
    My son brews his own Beer and Ale as a hobby, I know this is a project he would enjoy for display in his “Man Cave” during the holidays.
    Unfortunately I was unable to see the post with this display. Is it possible to have a display of this post sent to my private email address?
    Thank You and Happy Holidays,

    ps; my husband shares your sentiment of photography with you. His love for the great outdoors in the great Northerthern Plains states of; MN, WI, MI, ND, etc. All across to the border of the great USA. His passion is truly of Eagles and other large species of birds and fish.

    • Beauty truly is “in the eye of the beholder.”

      The ability to capture this beauty, is found behind the lense of a camera and shared for all others to see.

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