out of the closet

Ok, everyone has their little secret in the closet, now you know mine. 60 pairs of shoes and I can’t get my swollen foot into any of them. So I’m forced to wear my snowboots in this glorious spring-like weather. Hmph. I emptied my closet to find something that would fit on my foot… and then I thought, why not take a photo since I’ll never do this again.. so I did. It’s a bit embarassing really, to see how many pairs I have. I don’t think I ever realised it before. I’ll think twice before I buy another pair of shoes. Or not. Posted by Picasa

About Anne de Haas

I'm a Toronto photographer specializing in portraits, executive portraits, actor headshots, musician portfolios, CD covers etc. I love shooting horses as well. I feel that photography is not so much about technology and equipment as it is about emotions and capturing the ephemeral. If there's a connection between photographer and subject then the result is something quite special.

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