I’ve struggled with the concept of charging people inflated rates for printed photos.  Won’t do it.  My father was a photographer in the days of black and white photography. He used a Mamiyaflex. He spent hours in his darkrooom (with me at his knee) tweaking the parameters of the enlarger, chemicals and paper (and anything else he could) to create beautiful photographs.

Fast forward… I’ve got my dad’s medium format Mamiyaflex but I work mostly with my Canon 5DMkll and 7D as well as EOS 1DS Mark II, all found at  Photocreative, home of  photoguru Jeff Chevrier who is the best in the GTA.   I’d like to keep him as my little secret, but that would be selfish.  If you need a camera, go see him!   For some jobs I dust off my old Hasselblad as well, for that look and feel that digital has almost mastered, but not quite.

I do my post-processing in the digital darkroom. I can retouch blemishes, remove age spots, wrinkles, whiten teeth, whatever it takes to make you look great while still keeping you looking like you!

It makes perfect sense to me that you should be given the disk with your images. I’ll crop, retouch and burn them all to CD. An hour session usually produces a few dozen good shots. Sometimes more, rarely less. Then you take the CD to the photo lab of your choice for the actual printed photos. The cheapest you can find or the best there is. The choice is yours.

Instead of being charged 25.00 per 8×10 or more by a studio, you can get them done at Future Shop or Japan Camera for 4.95 or so. Actors, you can get super headshot quantity discounts at ImageWorks downtown or Fotobox on the Queensway at Islington in Etobicoke.

I believe that it’s the way of the future.  (When I wrote that line way back in 2004,  I was one of the first to burn pics to CD, now it looks like I was right, because a lot of folks have caught on and done the same).

If you’d rather be charged for the printing because you don’t have the time to do it, then I’ll be happy to get it done for you, for a reasonable fee. I can also do matting and framing.

Call or email for my rate schedule.  I’m reasonable, and kind to starving artists. 😉